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Smoked whole chicken roaster.

Buy one or two whole chicken roasters. I like to buy two because they only cost a few dollars and it’s just as easy to do two. Then you can give one to friends. Remove the neck and heart ect. from inside and rinse in cold water. Sprinkle with season salt, garlic salt, crushed black pepper and salt or other seasoning of your choice. Apply generously to all surfaces inside, outside and anywhere you can get it under the skin. Fill the birds with copped onions and celery. This steams the bird from the inside out as it cooks. If you use charcoal never start the coals with lighter fluid. It gives an off taste. Use an electric starter or a propane torch. Never buy cheap charcoal. It burns too fast. I only use real wood charcoal but Kingsford will do. Put the bird/s in a stainless broiler pan with rack over 7lbs of charcoal. Tent a sheet of aluminum foil over the birds but make sure the smoke can get to them. Place a small stainless steel bowl filled with wood chips in the coals to create smoke without flaming the chips. I like mesquite but hickory is good too. Cherry wood is excellent for smoking. It’s great because once you throw the birds on you just walk away for two or three hours. They always turn out great. You know their done when you can shake hands with the legs and they just about fall off the bird.

Marinated Steak

Take a ziplock and dump in some whole black peppercorns and cloves, or allspice, or both. Use a rolling pin to crush the contents as finely as possible. Sprinkle salt and the pepper mixture, Cheyenne or red pepper, brown sugar, a little KC Masterpiece barbeque sauce and Worchester on the steaks. You can experiment with other seasonings like crushed fresh garlic, red pepper flakes and/or dehydrated onion. Use two serrated knives to slice all the seasoning deep into the meat with a stabbing action. Repeat for the other side of the steaks. Refrigerate at least 24 hrs so the salt, sugar and seasonings can migrate into the meat. Get the grill as hot as it will get with the rack as close to the coals as possible. Sear the outside of the steak on both sides with this high heat to seal in the juices. Raise the rack or lower the heat, add wood chips, close the cover and cook to desired doneness. Watch out for flare-ups that can burn the steak. Get a clean platter to put the finished steaks on.